Ngolo Kante Wins Big as Chelsea Becomes Champions

Former Leicester City star player Ngolo Kante who now plays for Chelsea was named the player of the match for his exceptional display in their 2021 UEFA Champions League final glory. The player helped Chelsea beat Manchester City in Porto in the Uefa Champions League.

Ngolo Kante Wins Man of the Match as Chelsea Beat City in UCL Final

Ngolo Kante Wins Big As Chelsea Becomes Champions
Ngolo Kante Wins Big As Chelsea Becomes Champions

The French international was consistent through the game and tournament as well. He was solid as a rock in the midfield. Ngolo Kante won the Man of the Match in their sei-final game Real Madrid did well to replicate his effort against Manchester City players.

The player hides Manchester City’s best player Kevin De Bruyne in the game, and he collected the midfield from City midfielders. UEFA Technical Observers John Peacock and Patrick Vieira speaking about N’golo Kente, said:: “A massive influence in the middle third with and without the ball, forming an excellent partnership with Jorginho.”

The 30-year-old player’s influence is showing no sign of diminishing as he grows old. He wins trophies, pure and simple, and his engine is just incredible. The midfielder covers every blade of grass, disrupts the opposition, ask Luka Modrić and Toni Kroos – and seldom wastes the ball. It’s no wonder his trophy cabinet is bulging.

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