Neo Plays Hilarious Prank, Implicates Vee

The friendship between BBNaija housemates, Neo and Ozo has been tested as Neo plays hilarious prank and implicates vee in the process.

Neo Plays Hilarious Prank on Ozo

This prank was carried out during a lighthearted show with Kraks tv. Neo was asked to call Ozo with news that Vee had gotten pregnant. Being a melodramatic personality, Neo first heightened the suspense by holding off on the reason he called.

When he finally got around to it, he told Ozo that he had just left Vee’s house and it was confirmed that she is pregnant. Ozo calm told neo not to panic and asked him to go back and discuss what the next step is with Vee. When Neo complained of not being ready to be a father, he opined that the only difference now is that neo would just have to step up his game but no life plans will be changed as he feared.

Neo Plays Hilarious Prank, Implicates Vee 1
Neo Plays Hilarious Prank on Ozo

After speaking for a while, Neo finally revealed it was a prank and mocked Ozo for always being a motivational speaker. Eventually, both parties laughed it off with no hard feelings.

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