BBNaija: Ozo Gets Regional Union Appointment

Sports consultant and reality Tv star Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, simply known as Ozo gets regional union appointment.

Ozo Gets Regional Union Appointment

The 27-year-old has struck another big one. He was just appointed the youth ambassador for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) by the West Africa Youth Council board.

The council stated that he was chosen based on the recommendation from its young people because he has shown ‘antecedents of dedication, hard work and diligence’ among other reasons. Here is a copy of the letter;

Bbnaija: Ozo Gets Regional Union Appointment
Ozo Gets Regional Union Appointment

Excited at the feat, Ozo made an announcement to his fans on his social media pages. He posted a copy of the letter on his Instagram with the caption that read in part;

“It’s with great pride and honour that I will continue to be a great Ambassador for ECOWAS and my society.”

“With great privilege comes great responsibility, and may we all not stray from this mindset.”

According to his post, Ozo intends to make good on his appointment as an ambassador even beyond expectations.

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