Nengi in Trouble For Hiring 13-Year-Old

BBNaija finalist Hampson Rebecca Nengi in trouble for hiring a 13- year-old artisan.

Nengi, a Special Adviser to the governor of Bayelsa state and face of the Girl Child in the state, got in hot water with the social media users after she shared that she had just engaged the services of a young hairstylist.

Nengi wrote that she had just returned from a shoot when she searched for a hairstylist to cornrow her hair. After searching, Her PA finally found a young stylist of about 13 years who did a wonderful job.

Nengi In Trouble For Hiring 13-Year-Old 1
Nengi in Trouble over Tweets

She said that after paying the girl off, she was so grateful to Nengi for giving her a chance, as most people would have written her off due to her age. Linking that to her life experiences, the reality tv star thanked everyone who took a chance on her as she did the little girl.

Nengi in Trouble over Tweets

For Nengi, the moral was taking a chance on people, but it was different for some of her followers. Netizens dragged Nengi for having the boldness to share a story they believed was promoting child abuse.

See some of the reactions below;

@lmfashionbeauty – ’13years? 😢 She needs to be in school please’

@bshizzle70a – ‘As special assistant to a governor on Girl child development , if the girl isn’t in school , Nengi should be using her influence to make sure she is . Hair dressing should be a side hustle until she gets at least a secondary school education . It’ll make her an even more successful hairdresser if this is her career path in future’

Though Nengi did not mention if the young lady was in school or not, it was obvious that many were disappointed in how she handles the situation.


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