Religion in Nigeria: Need for More Commonsense

News stories report a Christian governor demolishing a mosque. A Muslim reads that, gets angry and condemns the governor for hating Islam without learning of the facts.

What was demolished? A completed mosque already in use, or the foundations of a new mosque?

Why was it demolished? Was the mosque plan approved by government? Was it under high-tension lines, on a sewage drain, or on NNPC pipelines, thereby endangering human life?

If the mosque was approved, was land ownership in legal dispute? Did builders make changes contrary to guidelines?

Any sane adult who had his own building demolished by government would seek answers to these questions before taking a stance to go public and seek redress. But Facebook opinions defy commonsense, especially with Gov. Wike recently quoted as saying “Rivers is exclusively a Christian state”.

Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State

Even if Wike certainly said that, what do you lose by applying commonsense on the mosque affair and then tackling him on his statement separately? Why lose your sense of judgement on account of someone’s poor judgement?

As FCT Minister, El-rufai demolished dozens of mosques and churches built illegally along sewage lines, under bridges, in green areas, on water lines, etc. Facebook had few users then, but we still saw a backlash from aggrieved Imams and pastors – and even a PDP Chairman – on news-pages.

Yet today, El-rufai is reckoned as the best FCT Minister in history. Meanwhile, it turns out that Rivers State Government demolished the foundations of a mosque lacking approved building plans, not a mosque in use. Shame on you for leaving commonsense to behave like corrupt Imams, pastors and PDP chairmen.

By Nura Alkali