Native Doctor Shows Off Expensive Mansion

In a move that many have called shocking and surprising, a native doctor shows off his newly acquired expensive house.

Native doctor shows off gods-given mansion

A Nigerian native doctor, identified as Desency Emeka Ofiaeli, took to social media to display the mansion that he just built through the blessings of the “queen mother” he worships.

Native Doctor Shows Off Expensive Mansion 1
Desency Emeka Ofiaeli

According to the young practitioner of traditional worship, the expensive-looking mansion he was able to acquire is just one of the promises made to him by his “gods” after he “answered their call.”

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He proceeded to give praises to the deity he worships, calling on other people to join him in gratitude to his gods.

Native Doctor Shows Off Expensive Mansion 2
Native Doctor Shows Off Expensive Mansion

He also pointed out that he did not want to put it out on the internet before, for fear that people would think him to be conceited, but he eventually did because he wanted people to understand how he has gotten his blessings.

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