7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Social Media

It’s no longer news that social media has become a community where people come together to interact on wide range of topic, show off their lifestyles, get information and so on.

Many lives have been transformed by using social media platforms while it is not the same for others due to their activities on this particular community.

It’s a New Year (2021), many have set goals and has made resolutions to navigate the year. It is therefore necessary to get the better out of the year while using social media.

Here’s 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Social Media

Don'T Make Post About Your Vacation/Business Trip On Social Media Platform
Don’t make post about your vacation/business trip on social media platform
  1. Making Racial/Tribal Slur: Your post or comment on the internet might hunt you later if care is not taken so you have to avoid using racial remarks. Desist from comment/arguments that leads to racist attacks. You just have to SAY NO TO RACISM.
  2. Issuing Death Threats: Live and let’s live; it is totally wrong to issue death threats on other users of various platforms you find yourself. Trouble looms if you decide to make a post or comment on ending the life of another.
  3. Posting A Picture Without Permission: This is very important if you make money legitimately from the internet. You shouldn’t use pictures that belongs to other without their permission. Photo theft is an issue you don’t have to be involved. Giving credit to the owner is just the best way to live in this community.
  4. Tagging Someone In An Embarrassing Photo: You just have to desist from tagging people to embarrassing photos on social media platforms. Many are quite fond of tagging a community to their posts which does not go well with others. Many have been called out by being involved in acts like this. You have to stay on your lane or get caned by other users.
  5. Making Negative Comments About Non-Public Figure: While social media has made celebrities and public figures to relate with their fans and followers better, it has also been a medium by which they are dragged which is called ‘troll’. It is therefore not necessary to pick on non-celebrities who could go all length to pay you back in your coin.
  6. Posting A Private Comment Made In Person: It is totally wrong to post a private comment or chat without permission in the public. If you’ve discussed a particular issue among your co-workers, families and the likes, you’ve become a Judas by putting it out without their permission. You might likely put them in harm if you do such. Just keep it private as it is please.
  7. Posting About Going On Vacation/Business Trip: This is very important for security reasons. You might draw a lot of dangers to your home by posting about you leaving your residence. Your current location, if posted on social media can also lead to trouble if you are not sensitive enough. You may want to flaunt your lifestyle by doing this, it is important to note that securing your life and that of your family depends on how you treat it in this community.

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You can add your suggestion(s) on things that shouldn’t be done on social media to this list in the comment section.

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