Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (168): My Birthday Wish For President Buhari

President Buhari clocks 78.

Mazi: If no be say i no too get voice, i suppose sing birthday song give the Birthday boy

Egbon: Naa who among your pikin dey do birthday wey you wan sing birthday song give?

Mazi: Small-time now, you go dey form say naa you be Current Affairs, as you current reach, you no know say naa the number one citizen for this country dey do birthday today

Egbon: No tell me say today naa President Buhari birthday o

Mazi: You see, so you no even know say naa today be Bubu birthday

Egbon: Happy birthday to him o, naa how many years him dey celebrate now

Mazi: President Buhari don clock 78 and we suppose thank God for him life

Egbon: Thank God say wetin, say Naija no get good road, better electricity, Ogbonge Hospital abi which one gangan you wan make we thank God ontop

Mazi: At least say God keep him till him old reach 78 now and as for me o, my birthday wish for him naa say make him dey alive to celebrate plenty better years

Birthday Wish For President Buhari

My Birthday Wish For President Buhari
President Buhari @78

Egbon: Tor, as for me o, my own wish for him naa say make him siddon reason how him go commot Naija people from this suffer head condition

Mazi: Ahh, shey that one naa birthday wish?

Egbon: Shebi you don talk your birthday wish, me self don talk my own, and e still remain o

Mazi: You no go wish am long life plus prosperity

Egbon: My other wish naa say make him sack the security Ogas dem, make these killings plus kidnapping fit stop for the country

Is Buhari Dead?

Mazi: My brother, naa your opinion, i no fit fight you ontop your opinion

Egbon: Thank you, my wish no be your wish, shey you don read the thing wey Femi Adesina write for President Buhari

Mazi: I never see am o, wetin him write?

Egbon: The thing long ooo, the long and short naa say Bubu never die o say naa rumour people dey carry up and down say naa Jubril from Sudan dey for Aso Rock

Mazi: You see, naa since the time wey some people don dey carry this rumour i don talk am say naa fake News, dem say Bubu don die, say naa Jubril wey come from Sudan, shey that one dey possible 

Egbon: Naa only God know the true o, my own be say anything dey possible for this life wey we dey

Mazi: You self believe am say Bubu don die?

Egbon: Naa when you hear me talk say him don die, i say anything dey possible, another thing wey i notice naa say, Bubu no dey sick like before before

Mazi: How that one con be bad thing, that time wey him dey sick, people dey complain say him dey travel everytime, now wey him con still siddon for Naija, people still dey talk, maka why

Egbon: Naa the thing wey people notice dem dey talk and naa true, no be this country we gather dey when him dey fly commot go treat him body every time

FG Re-Opens Borders

Mazi: Is ok o, i even hear am for News say federal government don give order say make dem re-open Borders

Egbon: Ohhhh, that one naa very bad decision o if you ask me, why dem go re-open borders for this kind time?

Mazi: Finally finally, i give up, e be like say naa everything wey government dey do dey get K-leg for your eye

Egbon: You self reason the matter now, this time wey every other country dey close dem border sake of COVID-19, shey naa this period government suppose re-open our own

Mazi: You get point, but naa dem know why dem re-open the thing and if you ask me, i go talk say the decision no too bad like that, the only thing naa say make dem make sure say people follow the COVID-19 rules plus regulations

Egbon: Ok o, i wan dey move jare, we go talk later

Mazi: I no say naa because i you strong point counter the thing wey you talk dey make you talk say you wan dey move, no wahala 

Egbon: Ahhhh, which point, make i no go my place of work ontop Naija matter

President Muhammadu Buhari

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