Moment Chioma Shut Down Davido’s Cousin at Her Party

Just yesterday, popular Nigerian media personality Chioma Rowland, aka Chef Chi, celebrated her 26th birthday, and during her celebration, Chioma shut down Davido’s cousin for a speech he made at her birthday dinner.

Chioma was once romantically involved with the award-winning musician, Davido and over the past month, a lot has changed in their relationship especially seeing that the artiste was spotted multiple times with an American model, Mya Yafai.

Although Davido and Chioma have not said anything conclusive about their relationship status, it is obvious from the body language and statement from close relatives that the ship has sunk. One of such statements was one made by Davido’s cousin, Clark Adeleke, during Chioma’s party.

Moment Chioma Shut Down Davido’s Cousin at Her Party

In his speech, Clark said that regardless of what happened between Chioma and Davido, the artiste loves and respects her. He also advised that whatever actions she wants to take it is important that she puts herself and her family first. While he was saying this Chioma said,

‘Clarks you make me sick’

Before the awkwardness settled someone in the crowd asked if he was a spokesperson for Davido and he said he was not.

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