Khafi Gives Qualification Hints To BBNaija Season 5

BBNaija Season 5

While thousands of Nigerians begin to pray and fast to make it to the upcoming BBNaija season 5 with audition starting on May 20 to May 30, Khafi one of the former housemates of the 2019 Pepper Dem season has given some hints on how to make it to the show.

Knowing that millions of people normally troop to the venue of the show’s audition, only 20 persons are finally picked and have the chance to compete for the ultimate prize.

This year, the audition would not be done physically, but through a two-minute introduction video which is to be sent by prospective housemates to the organisers online.

BBNaija Season 5

1. Be yourself.

Khafi explains that it means opening up and telling the organizers all they need about you. You should make them undertand everything they need to know about you. You should never lie to them.

2. Make audition video of yourself in a clean environment.

As the organizers of this year bbnaija 2020 stipulated that the way auditions will be done this year will be online. This according to Khafi means that you should do the audition in a clear,precise and good looking scene.

3. Don’t depend of connection as criterion to making it into the house.
Khafi has advised that for aspiring constesters that Big Brother Naija isn’t about knowing someone or knowing someone who knows someone. If that’s all an aspirant could think about while taking part in audition, the person will never make it to the show.

4. Follow the instructions given.

Here, Khafi advised that following the steps mapped out by the organizers carefully is one of the ways a person can make it into the house. Following one or two or three instructions and leaving the other is sure road to getting rejected.

In a nutshell, the tips read, Be yourself, Make a good-looking video of yourself, Don’t depend or hope on connection, and Follow all the instructions.

Watch Khafi’s YouTube video below;

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