Mercy Johnson Responds to Body-Shaming Critics

Tired of the constant attacks, veteran Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson responds to body-shaming critics in this recent video clip.

Despite having a widely admirable body figure, the talented actress finds herself subject to body-shaming from insensitive critics who only know negativity. Although it might not be the popular form of shaming, the actress has made it clear that she does not enjoy snide comments about her nose and its size. It seems Mercy has had enough of the unfriendly comments and has addressed it in an Instagram video.

Mercy Johnson Responds to Body-Shaming

In the video where she switched between English and Yoruba, Mercy Johnson narrated that whenever she meets a fan, their first comment would most likely be about her nose and how large it is. She particular brought up the decoy comments from fans who send her DMs indirectly mocking her nose by calling her ‘nose twinny’

Sharing the video on Instagram, she captioned,

Mercy Johnson Responds To Body-Shaming Critics 1

“TGIF……all of you that have refused leave my nose, you are on this table oooo..”

The actress recently chided her last daughter for her first words being ‘Daddy’ instead of ‘Mummy’ albeit jokingly.


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