Evangelist Indicts Nollywood Actresses

An Evangelist identified as Victor Edet has indicted majority of the Nollywood actresses is what is generally tagged unwholesome activities.

Edet recently took to social media where he asserted that it will be a bad idea for Nigerian ladies to join the Nigerian movie industry.

According to him any one thinking of this or the music industry must be ready to go into prostitution, which he described as a norm among the female celebrities.

The young evangelist stressed that it was automatic for any lady who joins the Nigerian movie industry to become a sex worker.

He wrote,”AS a young lady who lives in Nigeria, I will advise you not to dream of becoming an Actress or Musician except you want to end up being a Prostitute. Forget about the Flashy Cars and Houses they show you Online. Out of 50 Actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are geniuely eating from their sweat, others are into Prostitution.

Evangelist Victor Edet
Evangelist Victor Edet

He was sure of his claims that about 48 out of 50 Nollywood Actresses are into prostitution, that he said if people do not believe him now; they will be him later.

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