Mercy Eke Takes Drastic Step Over #silhouettechallenge

Reality TV Star and winner of the Big Brother Naija TV show in 2019, Mercy Eke takes drastic step, and has created conversation and raised eyebrows after her latest social media activity.

Mercy Eke takes drastic step: what exactly did she do?

Last week, Mercy became the first BBNaija reality star to participate in the #silhouettechallenge. However, Mercy has now deleted her challenge video.

The challenge is a social media trend that sees women worldwide perform dance moves that involved dressing up and then stripping as normal lighting would switch to low red lighting.

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As much as it was welcomed by many, the challenge also received a lot of criticism as it was labelled as a very indecent trend that encourages unprovoked nudity.

Mercy Eke Takes Drastic Step Over #Silhouettechallenge
Mercy Eke Takes Drastic Step

Nigerians on Instagram have reacted to Mercy deleting her video. Many people feel that she perhaps finally came to her senses about the indecency on display with the #silhouettechallenge and decided she would not be a part of it anymore.

Another section of people feels that Mercy deleted the video does not mean that she can be dissociated from it because she already participated. Some also mentioned that it was needless for her to delete it because people would have already saved copies of the video.

Yet another school of thought believes that Mercy took the video down because she felt somewhat alone after no other BBNaija star participated in the challenge and she had no one to draw any comparisons with.

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