Mayorkun Shares Journey To Superstardom

Motivation in the air as Mayorkun shares journey to being a star.

Self-acclaimed Mayor of Lagos, Mayorkun shares journey to being a superstar with his fans on social media

Born Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, Mayorkun gave his followers advice in a trending challenge that encourages people to always do them regardless of what society says or thinks. He shared how he had to leave the banking hall for the music studio because the music was really his passion.

Recall that while he was still trying to get into the music scene, Mayorkun made music covers as his own way of doing music. He then made a piano cover Davido’s ‘The Money’. This caught the attention of Davido and this was when Mayorkun’s life changed for the better, copping a deal with the Davido Music Worldwide label.

Many are unaware that before music, He was a banker and he shared this in his twitter video,

“My name is Mayorkun, the mayor of Lagos and I am here to tell you to do you. In case you don’t know my story, I used to be a banker, I never used to like the job and I went to doing me and I did music and ever since I have been happy.”

Mayorkun Shares Journey To Superstardom 1
Mayorkun Shares Journey To Superstardom

Still on DMW, Davido recently shared the secret to staying rich and according to him, it is by empowering the people around you.

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