May 28: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On EveryEvery

Today is one of the most interesting days on Twitter, I mean the confusion about Twitter trends today was epic. You needed to see how the running around was. That is why we are always here to ensure we explain the reasons some Twitter trends and #tags fly around the social media.

We did the digging for you as usual and we brought you some interesting findings. 

Twitter Trends


When people saw that Bambam was trending on Twitter today there was confusion, because they were unable to say if it was our own Nigerian BamBam who was a former BBNaija housemate. or not Do you know her now? I am talking about Teddy A’s wife.

So though Nigerians were using it as one of the Twitter trends for the day, most people do not know if it was her, something or someone else.

Coincidentally, our own Nigerian BamBam posted her picture on Twitter today and the confusing grew even stronger.

Bambam Gif
BamBam GIF

While some Nigerians turned themselves to picture analysts, talking about some things they were able to pick from her new appearance, others became investigators digging for the real reasons BamBam was among today’s Twitter trends.

Some Nigerians said they saw that BamBam has a black eye, asking if she has been a victim of domestic violence, others concluded it was true. Maybe they have consulted the oracle and automatically were able to discern.

Anyway, our own BamBam was not the reason that name found its way to being among today’s Twitter trends. That Bambam is a particular animation from GIF.

Do you know what GIF is? GIF is actually pronounced “jiff” meaning “just an image file.” It could either be in JPEG or PNG. This is not a computer lecture. In summary, they help to communicate jokes and ideas on social media, you must have used a lot of them, so BamBam is one of those GIFs.

But if you want to know if our own BamBam is a victim of domestic violence, we will need to talk to her on your behalf. However, we wish her a happy married life, not anything short.


Today was set aside as Menstruation Hygiene Day and a lot of discussions were made around the topic Menstruation. A lot of advocacy talks about helping girls take good care of themselves during that time of the month also trended on Twitter.

For a while now, the issue of the free sanitary pad has been going on to help the young girl, just the way condom is being shared freely by different organisations.

Menstruation Hygiene Day
Menstruation Hygiene Day

The argument is that sex is by choice but menstruation is not, so why will you proved condoms freely for those who have a choice as to wether they want to have sex or not and leave a girl who has not choice about menstruating or not without a proper provision.

The affordability of sanitary pads is another thing to consider, the question is, how many family can afford the quality and numbers of sanitary pads a girl need every month, especially in the third world countries.

So you take this very important and your voice might just be what the menstruating girls from those poor families are waiting for to get this done.  Therefore, let us keep #MenstrationMatters trending on Twitter until menstruation hygiene stops being a financial burden for our girls.


Nigeria is a popular customer on Twitter trends, because there are several things to talk about Nigeria. So for today Twitter trends accommodated  Nigeria when news broke that President Muhammadu Buhari has kicked off the next phase of a deal to upgrade the power sector of the country.

It is not news that the power sector of Nigeria is not only bad but dead, however, we can’t throw hope out of the window now. We know that every politician comes to tell us that he or she will revamp that sector and we hear of huge appropriation of funds to that.

Nigeria Power Sector
Nigeria Power Sector

The saddest thing is we hear of the money, but we do not see the effect of the appropriations. You do not need to ask me how Twitter users treated the case, but that was why we had Nigeria trending on social media today.

I will be here again tomorrow, so you do not need to look out for me on this because I will always be here.

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