May 21: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained on EveryEvery

We have been able to get you the hottest gists around today’s Twitter trends and serving it hot is what we are doing. So today we will be explaining the top Twitter trends you have used without knowing how they got to that height.

There is no need for wasting time, time is money.

Twitter Trends


If you want to find out if Nigerians still have a heart to love after all the bad news flying everywhere about different atrocities they say we commit everywhere in the world, this might be the proof you are waiting for.

GetAramideToHarvard is among the Twitter trends for today because the lady named Aramide Akintimehin got an admission to the master of education program in learning and teaching (General) at the Harvard graduate school of Education to pursue full- time study for the 2020 academic session.

Did I hear Harvard? Yes, that was what I said when I just heard about the news, but you might say there is no big deal about Harvard. Yes, you can say so even when I do not agree with you because there are so many things ti Harvard especially the school fee.


For Aramide, she needs $68,000, I don’t know how much that is in naira and I don’t want o brother knowing at least until the lockdown is over.

Lucky Aramide does not have this money, but Nigerians have stood up and embarked on a fundraising mission for her.

This lady is getting huge support on the social media platforms and Twitter users as not letting this opportunity pass Aramide who has given her life to teaching children from poor homes.

She is the founder of Talent Mine Academy, a tuition-free school for out of school children in Nigeria. She has given to the world and this might be her time to reap what she has sown.

So if you still come about #GetAramideToHarvard on twitter trends after today, don’t be surprised, it just means Aramide needs a little more push to get to Harvard.


Please, I do not know why the particular #tag made its way to be among the Twitter trends today, but can we do, we will still use it to make our tweet fly around the world.

#Lockdownlevel3 and so what? We have all been under this lockdown for a while so what is special about it? So why are twitter users counting it in levels as if we are in the university?


Please stop this and let us agree that year 2020 is our year of rest and global public holiday.

You people are not aware that counting the lockdown in levels like this can make someone go into depression?
Anyway, I used the #tag on some of my tweets today, if you have not used it, this is the right time to do. Am out of here!


Although Canada was not speared by the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses were also closed because of the lockdown across the country, people are already scouting for jobs with full force.

When Canada was identified as one of the top Twitter trends for the day, one wondered how and why, but if you are Nigerian, you will know better.

Canada is one country that Nigerians pray to relocate to, despite the cold weather, and now the fear of Coronavirus seems not to be stopping people from applying for jobs as companies try to reopen after a while.

Some of the jobs available in Canada right now are those for doctors, nurses, personal support workers, health care aides among many others.

New positions have also been opened and one of them is greeters at construction sites, they are to screen workers as they arrive and record their findings.

Guys, you might not be able to travel to Canada right now, but don’t forget that I told you about these employment opportunities.

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