May 20: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained on EveryEveryNg

Today seems more interesting than we planned for with a lot of fantastic twitter trends flying everywhere.Today you must have heard several news and entertainment gists, and we are here to talk about them.

You know the cheapest and easiest way to transport your tweets around the world, even further than the race of your followers.

So let’s, get down to business here are the background stories behind your favourite Twitter trends.
Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends

Big Brother

The news of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show coming up on the screen in 2020 despited the uncertainties surrounding it because of the social distancing and lockdown order, brought a huge relief to the numerous fans of the show.

According to the announce meet made by the organisers, auditions for the show would start on May 20 and end on May 30.

Bbnaija 2020
BBNaija 2020

Requirements for the audition include being over 21 years of age, a valid Nigerian passport and a two-minute video introduction.

It would be interesting to see the 5th season of BBNaija soo, but until then, I will not stop using” Big Brother “to trend my posts on Twitter.


So here is it, with the lockdown all over the world forcing almost all sectors of human existence to shut down, there are calls for schools to reopen and this time this call is so high in England.

Primary school students are expected to resume school on June 1, but there are requests for access to the Coronavirus testing data so that everyone can feel safe about this.

School Closing Notice
School Closing Notice

Apart from England, all over the world, the call is the same, and you can imagine the reactions that trailed in on Twitter since #schoolsreopening made it to be among Twitter trends for the day.

Parents whose lives have been made difficult having to cope with caring for their children 24/7 during the lockdown can’t wait for schools to reopen while students just wish they could be promoted or at best graduate automatically without having to return to school and all the stress that goes with it.

On the other hand, paying of school fees would start again and putting a fresh strain on the purse of parents and caregivers whose sources of income have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

How do you feel going back to school, going back to teach as a teacher, or paying school fees again as a parent?


Another Twitter trend for today that might interest you is #PastorOsagieIzeIyamu, and that is coming from Edo State. Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, is a politician and also clergy who contested in the last governorship election held in the state which brought in, Godwin Obaseki as the state governor.

Ize-Iyamu contested Obaseki’s victory in the court of law and lost out, but as the state is preparing to have another governorship election this year, he has again indicated it rest in contesting in the race.

May 20: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On Everyeveryng 1
Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s poster

His courage has been hailed by so many and others think he might still get served with another failure at the polls. What do you think will be the fate of a man gradually Turing into a serial contestant as the polls draw close? Will he survive the All Progressives Congress, APC primary election with the incumbent governor in the race?

You may care less about what happens during or after the election, but at least you can use #PastorOsagieIzeIyamu as one of the Twitter trends helping your tweet to be seen in the poll of billions of tweets fighting to see the light of the day.

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