May 19: Top 3 Twitter Trends and Why on EveryEveryng

EveryEveryng has come to keep to its promise of bringing to you juicy details about Twitter trends and the popular #tags for today. Going through the internet and especially Twitter, then you will understand what I am along about.

So let’s go through some of the Twitter trends and get to know what they are all about and why they are trending.

Twitter Trends


The Coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19, has been discovered in Lagos State, Nigeria since February 2020, and has since spread to other states in the country.

Since then, the lives of Nigerians have not remained the same, ranging from the social distancing and lockdown order which has made most businesses, religious centres and social event centres across the nation closed.


Nigeria currently has over 6,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus cases, and this data is one of the reasons #EndCovidScamNow begin to trend on Twitter today. Some Nigerians believe that there is no Coronavirus in the country.

According to a Coronavirus survival, there is no such thing as Coronavirus in the country. Also, another famous Nigerian who recently recovered from the virus made a statement that has been interpreted to mean that those who have been diagnosed of the virus are only suffering from malaria.

Earlier in the year, a former President of the country Olusegun Obasanjo stetted that those said to have been treated of the virus had mere malaria.

Adding all of these assertions together gave both to this #tag that has made its way to be among the Twitter Trends for today.


There has been pandemonium on Twitter since Indians have raised a war on Tik Tok, claiming that it is a soft porn app. There are several allegations that the app promotes child porn, which they say is out to damage the future of entire India as a country.

The cal for a scraped or banned form India is in a tone at the moment, and many people think the app has shown the weakness of Indian Laws towards safeguarding children and women online.

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

It has been accused of animal cruelty, pornography, hate speeches, violation of the right to privacy among many others.

This Tok is an app that has caught the fancy of so many people as they get maximum fun on the app. A lot of Nigerians have used the app and posting their videos on the internet for the enjoyment of their fans.

Not that Indias say they have exposed the real intention for developing the app which they include child pornography.

I guess #tiktokexposed will continue to retain its space as a Twitter trend for a while.


2020 has been an odd year in the history of the world, especially this century. Coronavirus was detected in 2019, but it really began to change the entire world in 2020.

Since this world began, most countries of the world have been on lockdown, and many of these countries still are under the lockdown. The economy and other parts of human existence have been affected.

Lockdown On Twitter Trends
Lockdown On Twitter Trends

The fifth month of the year is almost ending, and an end seems not to be coming to this lockdown in some countries still struggling with nipping the spread and deaths from related complications.

I guess Twitter users ensured #lockdown2020 made it to today’s Twitter trends because they are tired of being under lockdown and I can confess that we all are.

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