May 18: Top 3 Twitter Trends and Why on EveryEveryng

Your famous top 3 Twitter trends and why on Everyeveryng is back this week, and you know how we do it. This is another digging into why and how some themes, things and names found their ways to trend as #tags on Twitter.

So let’s give you some foundational or if you like background stories of the #tags you have used or seen as Twitter trends today, May 18, 2020.

Twitter Trends


This is easy to guess correctly when you see the combination of words and seeing the name Rosie in the #tag.

Rosie was one of the contestants of the love and dating reality show Ultimate Love, where she and her partner kachi emerged winners and being crowned the Ultimate couple.


Rosie was one of the most energetic and vibrant lady on the show loved by many and hated by some, as you know, we all have rights to our opinions.

So tomorrow happens to be Rosie’s birthday, and her fans can’t wait for the day to come, so that have started trending the notice right from today.

Hmm, how sweet it is to be loved by a lot of people, especially Twitter users.

iPhone 11

If you have not heard of this Twitter trend and you have a Twitter account then, I do not know what to say to you. This is because iPhone 11 is one go the biggest trend for the day.

Iphone 11
iPhone 11

The trouble started when iPhone announced that it would be giving out free iPhone 11 PRO MAX, and the whole Twitter platform went rowdy.

How sweet will it be if you get a free iPhone 11 under this lockdown? Anyway, we can’t all get a free 1Phone 11, but we can all use it to make our tweets trend on social media platforms.


Buhari is the President of Nigeria, and if you care, his full name is Muhammadu Buhari, but for today, he started trending when his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina tweeted that the President will not be briefing Nigerians today about updates on Coronavirus and the steps to be taken by the government in that regard.

According to him, the Presidential task force will brief Nigerians if there are any details Nigerians need to know.

This caused a steer on the social media platform, reminding the citizens of how loud and long they had to scream before Buhari talked to them when the pandemic broke in the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

A lot of reactions and comments trailed this development, and you can trust Nigerians. If the President was available to read some of the tweets about this, he might have a rethink.

However, we will continue using #Buhari to give our posts visibility, if the President will not talk to us.

Let’s hear what you think about this Twitter trends as you drop your reactions in the comment section; it will only take 2 minutes.

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