Mary Njoku Questions Cosmetic Surgeons From Abroad

Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has questioned the motive of cosmetic surgeons who claimed to have schooled abroad with a license to practice but decided to come home to practice.

This reaction follows the death of an Instagram influencer, Crystal, whose death came from complications in a Butt Lift surgery.

Mary Njoku, CEO of ROK studios, took to her Instagram page to weigh her thoughts on the trends of death resulting from cosmetic surgeries.

The 37-year-old actress questioned why cosmetic surgeons who claim to have the license to practice abroad come to settle for payment in Naira, giving a 70% discount and getting one free service.

She wrote“Nigeria is a safe haven for bad IJGB cos-surgeons. Small accent and you are in business. Thanks to gullible Nigerians who make sure they continue Killing people by BLAMING THE VICTIMs. SAD.”

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