Man Calls Out Peter Okoye for Giveaway Fraud, Shows Evidence (Pics)

A Twitter user has called out Peter Okoye of the PSquare for defrauding him of the sum of N7000 in a giveaway scam

The Twitter user with the name Victor Bina has shared a screenshot of his chats with Peter Okoye where he was told to send N7000 to collect N140,000.

Victor further revealed that the account number he sent the money to bears the name of the musician who also called him on Whatsapp.

@VictorBina1 tweeted, “oga, respect urself and refund my money. U no go see peace till u send me back my monie, insha Allah! No embarrass urself bcos of small change, send me back my monie. U wey don get, dey collect frm me wey still dey hustle, ah! U no get shame. Refund my monie.”

Man Calls Out Peter Okoye For Giveaway Fraud, Shows Evidence (Pics)
Man’s Chat With Peter Okoye
Man Calls Out Peter Okoye For Giveaway Fraud, Shows Evidence (Pics)
Receipt of Money Sent

Responding to the allegation, Peter Okoye shared an old video that showed him on a video call but disclosed that it was not his voice.

He tweeted, “I am sure it’s one of this videos! Pls watch carefully and tell me if this video looks real to you and it’s not even my voice! Those are my old videos when I used to call zoom winners! It was replayed to you and made it look like the NETWORK was bad so you continue via texting.”

The 40-year-old twin further revealed that he does not have a WhatsApp number and that everyone claiming to have his contact should know they are not chatting with him.

“I don’t have or use Watsap! So for those claiming they have my Watsap contact! You better check the Peter Okoye you have been communicating with! All this victims that have been scammed I swear Una no rate me at all. So you think I am that stupid to put up my phone contact?!” he wrote.

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