Peter Okoye Opens up on Biggest Fear

Peter Okoye of the twin music act, Psquare, also fondly known as Mr P, has opened up on his biggest fear in life.

Mr P recently made an appearance on the ‘Nancy Isime Show’, anchored by TV host Nancy Isime.

During the Interview, Peter Okoye was asked,what his biggest fear was? 

Peter Okoye narrated what he went through with his family while growing up and how he fears poverty more than death. 

“I’m not afraid of death, the only thing I’m afraid of in this life is poverty and being broke,” Mr P said. 

Giving reason for his fear, he said, “I’ve tasted it before. I’ve been in our house and a bulldozer came to demolish it while we were still living there with my parents, six boys and two girls living in a one-bedroom apartment. They had to divide the room with a curtain.

“The landlord had sold the property and we were still begging to give us some time to get somewhere else and the next thing was the bulldozer coming to demolish the house while we were still living there.”

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