Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (163): Maina Don Join League Of Political Fainters

Maina Don Join League Of Political Fainters

Mazi: This thing don dey become normal thing among the people wey dey different positions for this country o, anytime dem say make dem show for court or come answer question, naa so so faint dem dey faint

Egbon: Laugh.. the thing shock you?, e no suppose shock you at all, as e be say other people don do am and nothing happen, why dem no go dey use the same style

Mazi: You see why i dey surprise ontop this Maina wey faint for court naa say him no dey sick before ( Cut in

Egbon: Ah, how many hours person need to plan say him wan faint, as e be say naa fainting be the new tactics, Maina too don copy am like that

Mazi: Nawa o, these people no get shame o, dem no go sick or faint when dem dey pack money, to con answer question, naa that time dem go dey faint, Yeye dey smell

Egbon: Dino, Fayose, Pondei even Olisa Metuh do him own and nothing happen, see this woman too, Alison Madueke wey no gree con back to Nigeria since

Mazi: But maka why, shey naa like this we go dey go, wey dem go dey faint after dem don pack our money, you know say naa about 2 billion Maina chop like this?

Egbon: My brother, that your question pass wetin my mouth fit answer o, naa dem dem sabi dem game, i even later read say dem don arrest him son

Mazi: Naso me self hear for News o, las las, naso dem go die the matter, because i no even hear anything ontop Pondei plus Akpabio matter

Maina Don Join Political Fainters

Egbon: If you go dey wait, Mazi you go wait tired o, dem don make Noise commot the matter like that, naa the next movie we go dey see now

Mazi: Naija my country, one day, new Drama, naa Maina be the latest actor now

High Rate of Poverty In Nigeria

Egbon: Con check this tory o, Bubu talk say him never forget him promise to commot 100 million Naija people from inside poverty 

Mazi: That wan make sense now, at least him don give Naija people reassurance, suffer head go reduce for Naija

Egbon: My brother forget that thing, na so so promise we dey hear, Naa promise we go chop, see as people dey lament, suffer head dey mama people head and Bubu still dey promise, imagine

Mazi: If this man no talk, naa you plus other people go talk say Bubu no gree talk o, now him talk again, you still dey complain

Egbon: Wait self, shey you no say naa ontop twitter him talk the thing wey him talk, no be Live Broadcast ontop Radio or Tv o, shey naa ontop social media our presido suppose dey talk to us

Mazi: Even if naa ontop facebook or Instagram, th thing wey matter naa say him talk to us and tell Naija people the thing wey him wan do

Egbon: Shey naa like that other Big countries dey do, shey naa like this Donald Trump dey do for America?

Mazi: Shey naa America we dey, Naija no be America and America no be Naija, e no compulsory say make we do our own the same way wey dem do their own

Second Wave Of COVID-19 Imminent In Nigeria

Egbon: Dey defend Bubu and him government like say dem carry money give you like that

Mazi: I no dey defend anything, naa my opinion i dey share and you no fit close my mouth

Egbon: No wahala, shey you don hear say the committee wey dey torchlight COVID-19 don talk say (cut in

Mazi: Say COVID-19 don finish bah

Egbon: Finish kor, finishest ni, dem say e possible make COVID-19 start again for Naija as people dey gum body up and down for churches and mosque plus other places

Mazi: You see, naa why i dey talk say people no do like say the virus still dey for the country be this o, some people just dey gum body up and down, anyways, my face masks and hand sanitizer no dey commot my pocket

Egbon: Is ok o, i wan dey waka

Mazi: No wahala, you too, try to dey carry your face mask o

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