Madagascar sends Coronavirus herbal drug to Nigeria

The Republic of Madagascar has sent a consignment of herbal drug to Nigeria for the treatment of Coronavirus patients.

The baggage of drug has been conveyed to Equatorial Guinea from where it will be flown to Abuja.

Numerous relevant bodies and individuals have been expressing misgivings about the efficacy of the herbal drug and that made the Federal Government of Nigeria hesitant to whether it would apply the drug or not.

Other citizens have insisted that the government should use the drug since it has proven effective in Madagascar, where the drug emanated. WHO has also been reiterating that the herbal drug be subjected to clinical trial.

It could be recalled that Madagascar has asserted that the drug was effective in treatment of Coronavirus patients. This made the President of the country to recommend the herbal drug to foreign countries.

Nigeria has been one of the countries that are ravaged by Coronavirus. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has on Monday morning announced that positive tally in the country reached 4,399 last night with 248 new cases.

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