Mabel Makun Calls out Child Trafficking

Interior decorator and wife to popular comedian, Mabel Makun calls out child trafficking and all the parties involved on Instagram.

Mabel took to her Instagram to reveal that she had been battling wild emotions due to the increase in trafficking. According to her, people are springing up with new children every day without explanations. While no one is asking questions, she is also alleging that there are people in the loop with the perpetrators of trafficking but have refused to speak up.

Mabel Makun Calls out Child Trafficking

On Instagram, she made a post baring her mind while calling out the act ant those involved. The post read;

‘Someone/group of persons out there are busy giving out new born babies to families without their knowledge and it is expected that I should be quiet?’

Mabel Makun Calls Out Child Trafficking 1
Mabel Makun Calls out Child Trafficking

Her revelation evoked reactions from her followers and colleagues, who asked her to point out the culprits so that they will be brought to book. One of such is Ruth Kadiri, who wrote,

“Proud of you dear. Speak up with your full chest o. And know that they will try to silence you. May God protect you”

Mabel responded to the comment saying that she has been troubled upon finding out such that material things have not been able to pacify her.


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