Ruth Kadiri Threatens Colleagues Ahead of 2023 Elections

Seasoned Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri threatens colleagues in the movie industry ahead of the upcoming 2023 elections.

The actress put out a public service announcement to her colleagues who had the intention of declaring support or campaigning for any of our sit-tight leaders.

Ruth Kadiri Threatens Colleagues Ahead of 2023 Elections

Possible pushed by the lack of competency from the current regime, the actress took to her Instagram page to warn those she tagged ‘sell-outs’. According to her, she is patiently waiting for the elections to come around so that she can spot those who will be campaigning for old leaders in the 2023 elections so that she can drag them mercilessly.

Her Instagram post read,

“Dear colleagues and friends. I am waiting for those of you who will post politicians who have been in powers forever and ask us to vote for them. I will drag you. I swear I will drag your desperate hungry selves by your wigs. Don’t say I didn’t warn”

Ruth Kadiri Threatens Colleagues Ahead Of 2023 Elections 1
Ruth Kadiri Threatens Colleagues Ahead of 2023 Elections

Apparently, Ruth was not the only one thinking along those lines as some of her colleagues pledged solidarity with her cause.


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