BBNaija 2020: Lucy and Prince in Hot Fight For Food and Pampering

Lucy and Prince in hot fight regarding food and pampering that Prince was supposed to receive because he won the Friday Night Games.

Prince who won the last Friday night games has been entitled to pampering by all the housemates until the next Friday night game takes place. According to Big Brother’s rules, whoever wins the games get to be pampered by all the housemates and they are free to request for anything they want from the housemates. As an addition to this rule, the housemates are mandated to grant all of the winner’s request.

Lucy and Prince in Hot Fight, Argue Over Friday Night Games Win

Prince in an attempt to obey big brother’s rule shared the housemates in pairs and gave them the responsibility to pamper him on various days.

Well, today is Lucy’s turn to pamper Prince and they had a fight. Lucy said that before Prince won anything, she used to make food for him even without him asking. The reason she is mad is because Prince specifically asked her to make food for him under the guise that he won the game.

Lucy went ahead to call him out for ordering her around and affirmed that she she will no longer make any food for prince in the house again.

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