BBNaija 2020: Praise And Lucy Reveal How To Avoid Biggie’s Camera When Having Sex

Looks like BBNaija 2020 housemates, Praise and Lucy have studied all the cameras in the house incase they need to avoid them

Just when we thought Praise was done spilling secrets, he came back this morning with some more information but this time it was not about the other BBNaija 2020 housemates, it was about Big Brother and his camera placement.

While he was on the hammock with Lucy talking about relationships within the house and Lucy told him that he was free to have a relationship if he wants because his fiancee already gave him a pass to be naughty if he wanted to be. Praise said he was aware but he still had to respect her stating that if not for that he would be having sex in the toilet regularly.

Lucy said that wouldn’t be safe because the viewers will see and that was Praise started his analysis of the camera placement in the toilet and how it favours the housemates that use the toilet to satisfy their sexual urges.

Bbnaija 2020: Praise And Lucy Reveal How To Avoid Biggie'S Camera When Having Sex 1
Praise and Lucy

According to Praise, the cameras in the toilets placed to the side will capture only the upper half of your body while the one positioned aerially would still not record you in the act if you were strategic enough. Looks like Praise has this all thought out.

Lucy replied that that was a risky chance to take and she’d rather wait to leave the house first than have sex under the watchful eyes of millions of viewers. Praise responded saying that her resolve would be the safer bet but for the people who couldn’t wait, the duvet was also an option.

The dancer said that since the viewers can’t really make out what is happening under the duvet, housemates may get way with sex under the duvet. Of course, Praise would know that after almost getting away with aggressively cuddling evicted BBNaija 2020 housemate, Ka3na under the duvet.

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