#MercyXIkethShow: Mercy Is Fighting Depression

Mercy and Depression

It is no longer news that Mercy and Ike both have a show called What Next and if you want to know about their lives and what is truly next in their relationship, watch the show.

On What Next this week, an unfortunate development was seen  and nothing more important should be done than or to be taken away from it than to look for how to show Mercy more love.

Mercy Eke, Lambo herself, I mean the Queen of the Mercenaries seem to be fight depression. It was an emotional scene when she almost broke down in tears while talking to Ike about what she is going through.

Ike and Mercy have been having issues in their relationship for a while now and it got to the peak when she decided to go to London for vacation, but Ike had a tight schedule that did not permit him to be with her on that trip.

That was not the main problem, the problem was Mercy’s host in London. A guy named Willy hosted Mercy in London and she had a party with him over there. She was also seen in a picture sleeping on Willy’s laps in a car.

Since that trip, the strain in their relationship have grown bigger. She has become the major talk on all social media platforms. Ike’s fans have not stopped talking about her and calling her unpleasant names.

Friends and family members have contributed their quota to resolving this issue and it seems like the end of it is not in sight.

Lambo And Ike
Lambo and Ike

So today on the show, Mercy finally opened up that she really needs to see a Therapist. “ Now I realise that it is online bullies that are causing celebrities to go into doing drugs, commit suicide, and go into depression.

Sometimes I just feel like sleeping, as if sleeping will just let me forget everything. I think I need to see a Therapist.”

On previous editions of What Next, she busted into tears showing she has had enough of the troubles in her life and relationship.

She said, “ Sometimes I just want to relax and be taken care of.” Adding one plus one together on this issue, it will give you two.

Lambo is trying to fight not to go into depression and she is trying not to lose her grove.

We can’t afford to have Mercy, the great Lambo go into depression. While we wait for her to see a Therapist and know how she is doing, we hope Mercy and Ike can work things out ,depression in not something to toy with.

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