Libyan Prime Minister Luckily Escapes Assassins’ Bullets

Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, today, managed to escape the bullets of some assassins that attempted to end his life.

According to news sources, Dheibah was heading back home when his vehicle was suddenly rained with bullets very early on Thursday morning in Libya.

There were claims that the attempt was made on his life due to a move that came ahead of a parliament vote to remove him from office.

The interim Prime Minister, Dbeibah, reportedly offended some angry parties that had an entirely different agenda, when he showed interest in being part of the Presidential Elections.

Libyan Prime Minister Escapes Assassins’ Bullets

The reports from both local and international media outlets revealed that the tragic incident is coming from the backdrop of intense wrangling for control of the country between the eastern parliament and Dbeibah’s Government of National Unity, GNU.

It was gathered that a source was cited by the Reuters news agency as saying the assassination attempt occurred while Dbeibah navigated his way home, adding that the move on his life was sure to stop any further political ambition.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses hinted that the attackers fled the scene of the attack as the incident has been forwarded to the authorities for proper investigation.

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