Investigations Reveal Shocking Endsars Saga

An investigation has revealed a shocking information regarding the conditions of two teenagers who participated in the endsars protest that occurred less than a year ago.

These teenagers were reported to be under the custody of the Ondo State Police Force for allegedly taking part in the nationwide protest.

According to a source at the prison premises who requested to remain anonymous, the teens have been abandoned in the Ondo State prison since the October/November incident. A report from Sahara has disclosed.

Endsars Saga

The case of the two teenagers is not far from that of Kemisola Ogunniyi, who was pregnant and gave birth while at the Surulere Prison in Ondo State after being arrested for EndSARS activities by the police.

The police later freed after public condemnation and outcries by several human rights groups and activists.

Recall that various media platforms earlier reported that the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, and the state Chief Judge, Olarenwaju Akeredolu, refused to grant bail to Ogunniyi, despite her giving birth to a baby.

History would recollect that on October 2020, under the #EndSARS campaign, Nigerians across the country had stormed the streets to demonstrate against police brutality and bad governance.

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