Laycon Sends Strong Warning to His Hypocrites Friends

BBNaija ”Lockdown” winner, Laycon took to his Snapchat social media handle to speak about how he feels about how some persons he thinks are close to him smile in front of him and then go back to stab saying sh*t about him.

In a thread he shared on his page, the reality TV star who is also a singer asked people to stop acting as though they like him and then go behind him to talk ‘sh*t about him’. He also highlighted the fact that God is blessing him and is God who brought him that far and so that same God will continue to expose those who are working against him.

“Don’t Smile in front of Me and then say Sh*t Behind me” Laycon Warns

Laycon said people should not smile at him but talk sh*t about him behind his back because it will always come back to him. The Icon president did not mention anybody’s name in the Snapchat video, but he is obviously referring to people who are said to be close to him.

Laycon Sends Strong Warning To His Hypocrites Friends 1

With his comment, you can tell that he has made it known that his blessings are not man-made but God made, and so if you want to bring him down, you will have to bring God down first. He ended the video by saying if you do good is that same good that will come back to you, and at the end, in his words, he said: “na the same way dem go package all of us dump for 6ft.”

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