Laura Ikeji Recounts Near Death Experience

Nigerian fashion blogger and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji have taken to her social media page to share a near-death experience resulting from inhaling generator fumes.

The businesswoman on her page narrated how the incident happened and how she survived it. Narrating the story, she said a few years back, she went to visit a friend and decided to spend the night there. 

Unfortunately, the power went off, her friend put on the generator, and they slept off. By the time she woke up, she couldn’t feel her body and the whole house was covered in smoke.

Laura Ikeji Recounts Near Death Experience

Still narrating, she said she prayed in her heart. In her words, “And I started praying in my heart, the blood of Jesus save us, save us.”

 After this, she could move, and that’s when she saw her friend lying on the floor in the sitting room, already passed out.

Laura Ikeji added that it was at that point she used all her strength to get out of bed and walked slowly to open the door while feeling weak. 

She further stated that she struggled to drag her friend out, and that’s when the neighbours came to their rescue. 

Laura, however, advised people to move their generators away from the house they sleep in as they are dangerous.

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