Laura Ikeji Shares Secret To Becoming Rich Wives

Nigerian fashion blogger and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji have publicly shared with married women the secrets to becoming rich wives.

On her Instagram page, the mother of two confessed that she believes that ‘side chics’ are getting more prosperous than the legally married wives.

According to Laura, ‘side chics’ are currently the ones flying first-class plane tickets or business class, buying cars, houses and living the luxury lifestyle – all at the expense of other women’s husbands.

In the video addressed to the Nigerian married women; she carefully advised them to make money from their husbands by having money in their accounts, saving, buying properties, and investing, as part of their backup plan, “…just in case anything happens.”

Laura Ikeji Shares Secret To Becoming Rich Wives

In other news, Laura Ikeji recently received severe backlash from social media users over her nose job.

Sometime in April, she had revealed that the cosmetic surgery was done on her nose to re-shape it and make it pointed.

Laura may have decided to work on her nose due to being teased many times for having a ‘flat’ nose.

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