Lagos Residents Surprised by Worsening Petrol Scarcity

Lagos residents were shocked by the worsening petrol scarcity as long queues could be seen around popular areas in the state.

An interview conducted during a television programme showed how the residents were lamenting the incessant lack of the Premium Motor Spirit, PMS.

Motorists spoken with at the filling station decried how a country having all the needed resources would still be lacking the technical know-how to processing the crude oil and separating petroleum needed to fuel vehicles.

One of the interviewees aired his frustrations on the failure of the governments in the past, including the present administration to build a working refinery so as to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians and make the finished products available to the masses.

Lagos Residents Surprised By Worsening Petrol Scarcity

Lagos Residents

Other complainants lamented the lateness to work on a Monday morning, noting that they’ve been waiting in line for the past one hour and are still far behing in acquiring the product.

One of the Lagos residents cried out that the queue was too long and moving slowly, looking like a time longer than expected would be spent before getting to full his tank.

Places like the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, is not left out of this equation as several fuelling stations could be pictured closed, while others had limited product to dispense to customers.

Though no concrete update has been received from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC, regarding the end of this hardship.

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