Lagos Okada Ban Will Seriously Cost Lagosians Their Jobs

Many lagos residents will have a hard time this morning, moving from one point to another, as Lagos okada ban on motorcycles and tricycles, popularly called Okada and Marwa, takes effects on Ist feb of Feb. There was full compliance in some of the places monitored. Pictures on the net show a lot of stranded lagosians.

Lagos Okada Ban

From Ajah to Victoria Island, Costain, Orile, Mile 2, Ijesha, Cele and Oshodi, the large number of motorcycles that used to ply the major roads around the areas had disappeared. The Police, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Agency officers were sighted at strategic locations along these areas. And in some cases harassing delivery operators.

Lagos Okada Ban Will Seriously Cost Lagosians Their Jobs 1

Lagosians Seen On Horses After The Lagos Okada Ban

Lagos Okada Ban Lagosian Riding Horses

At the foot of the Eko Bridge, on both lanes, gun-wielding Police officers were on ground with LASTMA and Neighbourhood officers. They were seen harassing two dispatch riders who were not part of the OKADABAN.

On the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, the sea of okada and marwa riders, at the top and under the Mile 2 flyover, waiting to pick passengers had also disappeared, with just a handful Okada available. They were, however, very cautious in picking commuters. The few motorcycle riders available only plied the Mile-Apapa corridor and the Mile 2-Okoko route. The partial roadblock mounted at Ilasa, inward Mile 2, by Police officers must have discouraged Okada riders from plying the Mile 2-Oshodi section of the road.

Lagos Okada Ban

On the Lekki-Epe Expressway, the mass of Okadas and Marwas that usually conveyed residents from Ajah inward Ibeju-Lekki stayed off the road. But residents were sighted at different bus stops, waiting to board buses, while those who could not wait were seen trekking. The Okadaban also increased the fares of most of the public transport. “Many of these traffic officers do not control traffic. They do occasional impulse arrest of motorists, coming up with trump charges,” she said.

Ibuowo said: “The NCP felt that the government did not take into consideration the frustrating traffic situation in areas like Apapa before taking the decision. It is insensitive for a government to block the source of livelihood of the people and not provide another in replacement.

“What has Sanwo-Olu done as policy to substitute the Okadas? If government cannot provide jobs, is it not political senselessness to bar jobs?”

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