Lagos Bus Driver Woman Single-handedly Fund 3-Children

A Nigerian Lagos bus driver woman has come out to say she has a passion for the job she is doing which is bus driving. The bus driver woman has used the business to train all her children in school and the last one is currently serving in the Nigerian Youth Services Corps NYSC. The 59-year-old woman whose name is Onokpite Agbaduta Beauty revealed that she started her transport business about 29 years ago after her husband died.

How Bus Driver Woman Raise her three Children in Lagos

The bus driver woman started commercial transportation in Warri, Delta state In an interview with Daily Trust, she said she started by buying buses for drivers who gave her regular returns but had to drive herself after they mistreated her. She said:

“I started interstate commercial transportation 30 years ago when I was in Warri, Delta State in 1992. That was shortly after I lost my husband in 1991. I was plying Warri to Benin to enable me to give education to my children.”

She also said:

“I relocated to Lagos and set up a business, but the then governor of the state, Raji Fashola, took over our business premises. That was how I lost the business and had to go back to the transportation business. “I started the transportation business in Lagos by giving vehicles to drivers to bring returns for me at the end of the day, but they were messing me up, so I had to take over the vehicle.”

Lagos Bus Driver Woman Single-Handedly Fund 3-Children
Mrs Onokpite Agbaduta Beauty

“I remember how one of the drivers came back one day in 2011 and just threw my key at me. I was annoyed, so I went to the park and started taking passengers from Ebute to the Ikorodu garage. After that, I started plying Ojota to Maryland.”

The woman trained all children who are all graduates now with the business. The Woman said her first child is married with children and doing fine with his family. The second one, who has a master’s degree, is teaching and earning N40,000 monthly. He is still living with her. The last born who is a girl is currently doing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

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