Lady Under Attack for Claiming Obasanjo’s Nigeria’s Best Leader

A lady on Twitter named Nefertiti, with the handle @firstladyship, has come under some heavy attack for claiming that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was the best Nigeria ever had.

In her post, she said, “When I say Nigeria needs a charismatic President, one that can stand shoulder to shoulder with World Leaders, this is what I mean. Nigeria has seen Glory Days. Obasanjo is the best there was, the best there will ever be.

She went further to criticise the current leader, saying the reason most Nigerians are ignorant about the job or the duties of the President of the World’s most populous nation, is because President Muhammadu Buhari has lowered the bar. Nigeria is riddled with many problems but Foreign Policy shapes its image around the World.

She wrote over twenty-page long paragraph articles on the social media platform on OBJ, which sparked both positive, and mostly negative reactions from her followers.

Lady Under Attack For Claiming Obasanjo'S Nigeria'S Best Leader
Lady Under Attack for Claiming Obasanjo's Nigeria's Best Leader

Tweets For/Against Lady’s Opinion on Obasanjo

According to @GhostofOkello, the ex-President is not only the worst in Nigeria’s history but the one that got away with every nonsense. Murtala was even a better president in my opinion, but because OBJ is not from the North or Middle belt, I understand revisionism.

Also, @Emeka-Ibeh asked, “So his achievements are taking pics with world leaders. The man achieved nothing in his time in office. He aided the further destruction of the economy. He was the man that gave us Atiku, a man that used Nigeria to enrich himself. Under him, billions were looted.

A counter-response from a supporter, @checkrichmoney, pointed out that his administration endorsed the famous 1976 Local Government Reform that recognised the Local Government as the third tier of government. This reform has served as a foundation for grassroots development in Nigeria.

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