Kubwa PW Ritual Killing New Update: Case Gets New Twist as Bishop Gets Bail

The Kubwa PW ritual killing has taken another twist as the alleged masterminded Bishop Amadi A. Amadi Freedom Chapel international has been granted bail. The bishop was taken custody with his son pastor Kelechi Amadi after a tricycle (Keke) driver exposed them. The son opened up saying it was his father that committed the act but reports right now have it that the son lied. The son said it was his father who committed the act after the head of the lady was found in his church in Kubwa Gbazango.

Kubwa PW Ritual Killing Update: Son Frames Bishop Father

The son who is a fellow pastor in his ministry at Freedom Chapel international in their Bwari branch has been alleged to be the person who committed the act. The son left his location in Bwari and came to Kubwa Gbazango to commit the act in his father’s church just so it will implicate his father Bishop Amadi A. Amadi. The son said his father asked him to bring the girl and when he did he left them in the house only to come back to be told by his father to dispose of a bag which he did not know what was inside.

Kubwa Pw Ritual Killing New Update: Case Gets New Twist As Bishop Gets Bail
Bishop Amadi A. Amadi and his son Pst. Apst. Kelechi Amadi

The Keke driver who exposed the whole crime collected the bag from the son of pastor Kelechi Amadi. Pastor Kelechi Amadi was rusticated from the Nigerian Navy for improper conduct, he came back to the Kubwa neighbourhood and started harassing the people there with his uniform after he made a fake identification card.

The father had wanted to arrest him then but his mother the wife of the bishop always protects him, saying she can not allow him to arrest her first son. The son was made a pastor after he came to the saying he had changed and he had gone to a bible school and graduated that was when he was made the resident pastor in their Bwari branch.

Kubwa Pw Ritual Killing New Update: Case Gets New Twist As Bishop Gets Bail
Pst. Apostle Kelechi Amadi

The who has been known by many people in the neighbourhood as a notorious person who has been involved in so many evil activities. His wife changed her name immediately after he was arrested alongside the father and deleted all the pictures that have her with him on Facebook. The lady who was killed and mutilated is alleged to be the sidekick of the pastor. He is still in custody but the father Bishop Amadi A. Amadi has been granted bail as investigations are still ongoing.

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