Kizz Daniel Reveals What he Did After Losing his Virginity

Famous singer and father, Kizz Daniel has disclosed the first person he called after losing his virginity at 21. The singer also talked about how being a father has changed a lot of things.

In a recent interview, the singer noted that his father was his best friend and his brother afterwards while adding that he didn’t have a close relationship with his mother.

Speaking about his father, Kizz daniel said, “My dad is my best friend. I used the word ‘is’ because he’s still in my heart after him, then my brother. So I was really close to my dad but not so much with my mum.

Kizz Daniel Reveals What he Did After Losing his Virginity

Talking about when he lost his virginity, the singer stated that as an average guy, he is expected to call their friends when they lost their virginity, but in his case, his dad was the first person he told.

He added, “I was a bookworm and a huge nerd. I studied Water Engineering and graduated with a 4.32 GPA —so I’m narrating everything to him; from the beginning, all the way to the end, he laughed from start to finish. It was a very weird conversation, but that just goes to show how deep the bond went.

On the matter of being a father, he said it had taught him to be more responsible and aware of things going on around him, and as a father, he now thinks twice before spending.

He also recounted how he used to be a lover of sports cars, but now he is an SUV guy, not because he is a big car kind of man but because it is what he currently needs.

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