Jaywon Rebukes Colleague Kizz Daniel

Nigerian singer Iledare Oluwajuwonlo, famously known as Jaywon, has rebuked his colleague in the music industry, Kizz Daniel.

The 35-year-old singer tackled Kizz Daniel on his recent comment on some ‘cabal’ in the industry, threatening the growth of those who are not loyal to them.

Kizz Daniel said though he has managed to stay away from the cabal because of his love for music, he must speak out against them.

“This is not an industry. It is a cabal plus who does not belong will be long. I be Barnabas, I do it for the passion, love, and I am great at it.” Kizz Daniel added.

Jaywon, who seemed to have been triggered by the comment, attacked kizz daniel verbally, telling him to keep quiet.

The ‘Aje’ singer noted that the industry is more than ‘talent and packaging’, adding that “if a person loves and respects others, the same will be done to them.”

“If you have not done ten years in this game, keep shut when men are talking. Cabal ko, Kabba ni.” You get what you give, so enjoy it while it lasts.” Jaywon added.

Jaywon, playing down the allegation, said, “if one’s team is good and one is an amazing artist, people would see one’s team as a cabal. Left to me, I don’t see any cabal.”

He also insinuated that the ‘one ticket’ crooner has a ‘bad attitude’ which spreads gradually and hinders his growth in many ways.

“The universe never forgets, even if we humans do. Whatever energy one gives the universe, it returns.” Jaywon said.

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