Kanye West Urinates On Grammy Award

American rapper and billionaire, Kanye West has shared a shocking footage of himself urinating on a Grammy Award. The popular rapper also goes into battle against labels Universal and Sony to try and retrieve the rights to his own music.

The ‘Jesus Is King’ crooner posted the vision to his Twitter page on Wednesday afternoon, which showed one of his 21 Grammys placed inside of a WC.

Kanye West captioned the video post, ”Trust me…I WON’T STOP”. This refers to his current bid to gain ownership of his masters-otherwise known as the copyright to his original songs.

Kanye West Urinates On One Of His Grammys Award
Kanye West urinates on one of his Grammys award

The rapper attacked the structure of the music industry saying that musicians had little or no power because record labels owned all of their work which made him vowed not to release any new music until his labels (Universal & Sony) freed him from his contracts with them.

The ‘Yeezy‘ founder in an earlier tweet savaged the strict contracts that black NBA players were under, and stated: ‘The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships. I’m the new Moses’.

He also repeated the statement again in another tweet, ”There is no NBA or music industry without black people…fair contracts matter…ownership matters”

Kanye West used the opportunity to make more declaration for the black people by tweeting ‘BLACK MASTERS MATTER’.

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