Ka3na Makes U-Turn on 2021 Plans

BBNaija star Ka3na makes u-turn on 2021 plans after announcing to her fan that she has withdrawn from a reality tv show that was to be in motion this year.

The fashion entrepreneur announced to her followers that she would be cancelling her proposed reality tv show, Keeping Up With The Jones, starring herself and her daughter, Lila Jones.

Ka3na announced her reality show a few weeks after her exit from the BBNaija house, and her fans have been eagerly waiting for its release.

Ka3na Makes U-Turn on 2021 Plans

However, giving updates on the show, Ka3na broke the hearts of some fans when she announced that she had to cancel the show for undisclosed reasons. She also added she was focusing on brand influencing for now. Her tweet read,

“Taken Up Business And Brand Influencing Fully. I sincerely apologize to everyone who looked forward to this as much as I did. Let’s Do Business #ka3nabusinessmugul.”

Ka3Na Makes U-Turn On 2021 Plans 1
Ka3na Makes U-Turn on 2021 Plans

In other news, Ka3na has taken the pains to correct trolls who had a habit of misspelling her name as Katrina instead of Ka3na as well as spelling her nickname as Buslady instead of Bosslady.

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