BBNaija Ike Raises Alarm Over Charms

In light of a viral video making rounds on social media, BBNaija Ike raises alarm to his followers over charms and other spiritual traps.

The reality tv star turned blogger shared a viral video of celebrity aphrodisiac seller, Jaruuma empire, who showed her customer show to attract their lovers using her product.

In the video, Jaruuma had a model who was putting on her waistbeads. She went on to explain how this beads will help keep your lover hooked after his body makes contact with it.

BBNaija Ike Raises Alarm Over Charms

Reacting to this video, Ike Onyema wrote,

Bbnaija Ike Raises Alarm Over Charms 1

Dear men, be careful there’s women are not even playing again. Do you know the meaning of the sign she made at the end of the video? It means you’re are dead  Anyway way I pray for the good husbands and boyfriends, this things would not catch you IJN.

Jaruuma is a controversial aphrodisiac seller and sex therapist specialising in the sale of products that she describes as just libido boosters. She also maintains that none of her products is laced with black magic.


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