JusticeforHanifa: Nigerians Demand Head of Killer-Teacher

The #JusticeforHanifa campaign on social media has been receiving widespread attention as Nigerians are beginning to demand the head of the killer-teacher, Abdulmalik Tanko.

The tragic incident happened in Kano State where the pupil was said to have been kidnapped in December and her abductors had demanded N6 million ransom.

Until the moment of filing this report, Twitter was on fire with calls for justice for the beautiful girl who was gruesomely murdered.

#JusticeforHanifa Tweets:

In his post, @Diniesta1880 said anything short of the death penalty for the beast that killed this innocent girl is not justice served.

However, @ezele_nick stated that the hashtags are not enough. He said ‘See hashtags like #justiceforhanifa is just sad because the reality we’ve come to accept in Nigeria is the fact that the hashtag will trend for a couple of days, after which the case is swept under the carpet. Nothing happens eventually. No justice, no nothing.’

Meanwhile, @Daaray30 said to kill the perpetrator that kidnapped and killed Hanifa is not a right justice for me, I know he who kills deserves to be killed, but in this case, the perpetrator needs to be tied to a pole for 3days, then people should be gathered and stone them to death.

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