Kano to Tackle Underage Prostitution, Other Vices

In Kano State, there’s currently a bid to address underage prostitution, homosexuality, and several other vices practised by the youths in the state.

In a recent move made by the Kano State Task Force on Tourism Development Levy, they banned underage kids from visiting hotels henceforth.

The team, inaugurated by the state government, also barred young men and women from swimming in the same pool in various hotels within the state.

Not holding back, the agency further added to the list of unlawful activities to include public smoking of shisha, lesbianism and gay practices.

Kano State Govt Warns Hotels Over Breaking Laws

Making the development known to journalists in the state, Mallam Baffa Babba Dan-agundi, the Chairman of the Committee, spoke after a meeting with the owners of hotels, restaurants, and event centres.

The committee informed them of a new levy by the state government that will help sanitise their places of business to avoid acts of selling sex in the state.

The State Government constituted the committee under the state tourism law as it would also oversee activities of Disc Jockeys and ensure all events close at precisely 11.00 pm.

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