Just In: Fire Guts Next Cash and Carry Supermarket in Abuja

The Popular supermarket in Abuja, Next cash and carry in Kado, is currently on fire, a day after Christmas, and people seem to be wondering what the problem might be with supermarkets getting burned.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, and there has not been a report on any lives lost yet. However, people are seen to be looting the store despite being on fire.

Nigerians have taken to the social media page to lament the incident as they recalled that a few months back, a popular supermarket, Ebeano, also caught fire. 

However, some people claim that it is suspicious that Ebeano caught fire and just now Next cash and carry also burning down.

Just In: Fire Guts Next Cash and Carry Supermarket in Abuja

A Twitter user said, “The fire service truck that used to be stationed at Next Cash and carry went where? All the fire hydrants I see don’t function? cos WTF? I have plenty of questions before Shoprite kills us with bills.

Another Twitter user said, “Ebeano supermarket burnt down. Next cash and carry Abuja is presently on fire. Should we call this a mere coincidence?

See the video below.

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