Liquorose Shows Nigerians How to Celebrate Christmas

Reality Tv star Liquorose has taken it upon herself to show Nigerians the proper way to celebrate the Christmas period. The dancer took to her page to post pictures of herself and the dance crew at an orphanage home in Lagos state.

The members of her dance crew accompanied the reality TV star, Girls Got Bold, and they assisted in packing the foodstuffs, drinks, and other items donated to the orphanage home.

Pictures of the BBNaija reality star with her crew members and others showed them wearing a T-shirt with the Writeup “Liquorose cares” as they offloaded the items.

The official fan page of Liquorose posted the videos and pictures of the kind gesture, with the caption, “Yes!! It’s officially Christmas today!! Our Beau showing us how to celebrate Christmas.

Liquorose Shows Nigerians How To Celebrate Christmas
Liquorose Shows Nigerians How to Celebrate Christmas

Liquorose also recounted what her parents taught her as a kid. She said, “My dad would tell you, be good to people, be humble because you are brought up with love. So, share love, it is the key to everything. My mum would tell you, Yeah, be humble but don’t take nonsense.

She also affirmed that she was brought up by amazing parents that nurtured her into who she is today while reminding people of the keyword “Humility.”

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