June 12 Protests: Mr Macaroni Recounts Threat To Life

Famous skit maker and actor Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr Macaroni, has bared his mind over what he described as the government’s attitude towards protesters. Macaroni, who joined the June 12 nationwide protest in Lagos, tagged the style of government under the present administration as dictatorial.

He noted that nepotism and corruption in Nigeria had prevented the country from ranking among the top Nations, despite the numerous human and natural resources in the country.

Mr Macaroni bemoaned the insecurity bedevilling the country, adding that the government always believes that Nigerians are fighting the system anytime they speak to express their views about the nation’s state.

Mr Macaroni

The famous skit maker, who revealed that he received numerous threats from unknown contacts, further stated that they had sent some people to tell him not to partake in the June 12 protest. However, Mr Macaroni, who joined the rally despite the threats, opined that he would not be a prisoner in his country.

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