Jun 1: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On EveryEvery

Twitter users are a set of people who are never short of vibes and spark any day and at all times, they knwo how to use the Twitter trends. So today their sparks went in a direction that would make the world better, in their business of calling for justice.

You do not want the trouble that comes with being on the wrong side of these people, but if you really want to do that just ensure your hands a clean.

Today’s Twitter trends sure will interest you, let me serve the meal.

Twitter trends


This Twitter trend is about one of the saddest news in Nigeria right now, the emotions around it seems to be more than the one coronavirus has been able to covet since it disrupted the peace in the country.

The rate at which rape cases were being recorded in Nigeria has been alarming for a long time but the recent one has gotten the whole nation screaming.

After an undergraduate of the University of Benin, Uwa Omozuwa, was raped and killed while she was said to be reading in a Redeemed Christian Church of God, parish in Benin, Edo State capital, Twitter users created an #tag that has kept its top position among the Twitter trends.

Uwa was brutal killed by her rapists who were said to hit her with a fire extinguisher which led to her death.

Several celebrities, organisations, including the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG that owns the church parish where she was killed have all raised a voice against rape and calling for justice to rape cases across Nigeria.

So help sustain #StopRapingWomen among the Twitter trends until justice is served. Say No To Rape Now!


The year 2020 seem to be a year you will to want me to describe, because it seems pandemics had a meeting in 2019 to show their ugly faces the year.

Coronavirus showed up in Wuhan, China in 2019 and spread to the whole world in 2020, over a million people have died as a result of the pandemic with several million testing positive to it.

Today, the World Health Organisation, WHO, announced that there has been an outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As of today, six cases have been confirmed with four already dead. This development is the background story that got Ebola trending on Twitter today.

Though it is for a not so good reason, Ebola has made it to be part of the Twitter trends for the day.


This one of the most controversial #tags among the Twitter trends today. In case you have not seen or used the #tag, I am here to congratulate you.

Some of the Twitter users have described this as one of the dumbest of the Twitter trends of the day.

They wondered why and how anyone will wake up on the first day of the month and start #draggingGod.

Anyway there are two groups of people using this #tag, and they are the people who have chosen to use it in a way that would not make then fall in the dumb category and the flip of it are those who do not mind if God will be angry for dragging Him or if there is God at all.

Incase you know who or why #draggingGod was coined and is trending, please I am not interested.

Stay tuned to @Everyeveryng for more gists and entertainment stories. Tomorrow is another day for you to enjoy more Twitter trends and the background stories.

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